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Why WooCommerce is a Viable Option for 2018

One of the most popular e-commerce plugins is WooCommerce that is built into the WordPress. However, it didn’t start this way; WooCommerce had been an underdog of the e-commerce shopping carts world. And by the looks of the way things are going, 2018 might just be the year of WooCommerce.

As of now, WooCommerce is reportedly powering about 40% of the e-commerce websites. Given the features it offers from being free, providing complete control over data to powered by WordPress and powerful extensibility, it’s not surprising.

So, what exactly WooCommerce offers and lacks in to become the most practical option for this year.

1.  New Developments

It’s impressive what the team of WooCommerce is doing with their platform. A lot of development has taken places such as revamped orders scheme, better support for non-WooCommerce themes and automated backorders handling etc.

WooCommerce works extremely well if you need to control all of your data or the complete experience. It is nice to work with that is not complex like Magento while offering the functionality.


2.  The Appeal of WordPress

WordPress is increasingly popular than its counterparts when it comes to e-commerce. And in WordPress ecosystem, WooCommerce is the dominant player among all for a long time. The fact that WooCommerce attaches your existing CMS is what makes it so much more popular.


3.  Handles a Large Store Efficiently

There are big companies that are on WooCommerce and given that they are doing high business on it, it certainly means that WooCommerce is a competitor in this sphere. No doubt, it is competing with some high-end tools that are currently popular in the market. However, with the right infrastructure and of course a good team, even a large WooCommerce site can be run.


4.  Impact of Automattic

WooCommerce started out from the ground level with WooThemes that was basically a theme company. But with Automattic buying it, WooCommerce has morphed into a big product by investing millions in this. From there, WooCommerce has made a lot of progress, expanded their team and been able to compete with the likes of Shopify and Magento.


5.  An Open Source

Being an open source is one of its biggest strength as it gives a much larger field to play in. For a customized approach, say writing a code to make it do something for you, WooCommerce is the perfect option. Moreover, being free and open source offers you a much lower cost of entry compared to other options.


In addition, as WordPress is the largest publishing platform in the world, it offers your multilingual and multi-currency support, unlike Shopify where you would have to go to another site if you want a multi-currency option.

WooCommerce does have its negatives in terms of upgrades for your custom fixes but all in all, WooCommerce is slowly but gradually consuming a major chunk of the e-commerce industry. And given the kind of strengths it has and developments going on with it, WooCommerce is certainly going to be the most feasible approach this year.

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