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It is extremely imperative for any business to have a website that is not only visually attractive but also highly functional. Initially, HTML used to be the primary language but those days are long gone. Now, with so many platforms out there, you need to invest in the most integral aspect of web development i.e. web programming that is achieved through programming languages. These languages are basically the platforms through which instructions are communicated to a machine and then actions are pursued accordingly. Today, there are a number of programming languages available, so which one is the best for you? Let’s take a look the top programming languages for web design. 1. JavaScript One of the most popular and dynamic language, JavaScript is used for creating and developing websites. It basically helps in creating communication for your website. Also, it is accepted and supported by almost all the major browsers and combines well with other programming languages. It is simply dynamic, highly functional and structured programming language. 2. PHP One of the most widely used programming languages for web development, PHP is HTML entrenched scripting language. PHP is an open source and fast prototype language. About 75% of the top websites use PHP as their server side programming language. Moreover, almost all the top hosting companies support PHP and the popular Joomla, Drupal and WordPress is written in PHP only. 3. Python Python is a dynamic language which is the easiest language to learn and write codes in as you don’t require a separate compiler for that. This language can be easily embedded into the existing application that needs certain programming interface. A very powerful and highly scalable programming language, it is also used extensively as a scripting language. For accurate mathematical calculation or scientific and research level applications, Python is the best. 4. Ruby An objective oriented script for developing websites, Ruby is popular for its ease of use and perfection. This dynamic programming language offers a balance of functional and imperative programming. Ruby is quite similar to Python and is used in the programming language of Twitter, Scribd and Hulu etc. 5. CSS Cascading Style sheets or CSS is a markup language. If you need a visually attractive webpage, it is the best option for you. CSS basically affects the font style, font size, colours, and overall layout among other design elements. Whatever language you choose, it is important to understand that every language is different and no one is perfect in itself. Evaluate your programming needs and choose a language that fulfills your website’s requirements the best.

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