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Web Design Trends for 2018 that you need to know right away

Web design is a digital medium that makes it subject to the shifts in technology. With the way designers handle the technical challenges while still managing to create a website that is not only innovative and stylish but also user-friendly, it will be exciting to see what more can we expect in 2018.

In 2017, the focus was on mobile usage which means 2018 is going to utilize even more mobile functionality. Let’s explore the web design trends you are going to see this year:


1. Web Animation

We live in a world where everyone is in hurry. Here, the animation plays a huge role in conveying your complex ideas and interfaces to your audience in a very short time. Moreover, animated logos and GIFs are surely going to be the trend.


2. Asymmetric Layouts

The responsive design movement enables the designers to build sites that adapt to different devices seamlessly. The unconventional and asymmetrical layouts still going to be strong this year meaning you need to try out something that is not only unique but also experimental.


3. Vibrant Colour Schemes

You must have seen the use of bold colours across digital platforms. Well, now we’ll be seeing even more interesting ways of using colour. How colour choices can deliver an exceptional experience to our customers, especially by using them alongside personalization and customization.


4. Playful & Customized Illustrations

To make your brands stand out, 2018 will see a lot more illustration on the websites. Coming in different shape, size and style, they are visually engaging and add personality to your website. Playful and friendly illustrations that are tailored to your brand’s tone can work wonders for your brand.


5. Making the most of Mobile

We all saw how mobile web overtook desktop browsing. Now, this year, there would be more focus on the mobile audience to deliver a sophisticated experience to the users. Mobile first would be the principle that web designers would follow. However, there is surely the danger of overdoing it, so the designers have to rely on motion to define the experience.


6. Evolution of AI

Artificial Intelligence has already made its way into the mainstream web design. Now, with people using Google Home, Amazon, and Apple’s Siri etc., the design will adapt to this AI medium in a number of ways. In a couple more years, we’ll be seeing even more of AI and machine learning in many of our systems we interact with, on a daily basis.

So, this year is going to be an interesting one with much emphasis on colours, mobile, AI and much more.

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