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Understanding the Present and Future of Web Typography & Layout

Web typography is certainly a hot topic right now! With so much buzz going around about the technical developments of “type online”, no doubt the trends are constantly changing. And web typography has gone through a lot of changes. The overuse of certain fonts has led to the development of more creative and innovative solutions.

Web typography basically refers to the usage of fonts on World Wide Web. Initially, when the first HTML was created, the settings of each web browser were used to control the font faces and styles exclusively. However, with Netscape, individual pages control the font display.

There are a lot of striking trends in web typography:

Hand drawn type –

It has been a part of web design for a long time. Sometimes it is a real hand drawn type that is basically scanned in while other times it is a typeface that is made to look like hand-drawn.

Decorative type –

This type is either adored by designers and used in creative ways or despised by others as sloppy and cheap.

Mixed type –

Mixed type is the combination of at least three different fonts. It’s not a variation of the single font but three or more different typefaces.

Script –

This trendy feature is usually used in formal invitations and popularly used recently in interactive design. Having naturalistic qualities, this type has the ability to give a feel of disconnection from the digital world.

Slab serifs –

This type may not be new but is very much in vogue. Slab serifs give a bold style and a sense of authority.

The type of web typography trends that are emerging:

Large typography –

To send an assertive and powerful message, large typography can work wonders. And text size is the easiest way to control the level of influence you want to assert.

Superimposed over images –

Images and texts are no longer separate. However, contrast and legibility are two main things that need serious consideration here.

Artistic fonts –

These fonts work more as graphic elements than text in a web layout. These fonts are basically mainly for looks purpose.

Custom typeface –

By designing your very own font system is surely a way to be unique and to set yourself apart from others.

Web typography is a way to make your website visually interesting and with the right typography, the text can become both a content and graphic element. Down the road, there are going to be a lot more web fonts in level 3 and 4 to be introduced that will make the layout all the more exciting.

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