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Top 5 Technologies to Learn in 2018

Technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving. With new technologies coming into the picture it becomes really hard to keep track of these developments. However, it is highly imperative that one is up to date will all the new advancements going on around us so that we could keep pace with them and grow.

So, let’s explore a list of most trending technologies of this season and which one is going to dominate the market.

  • Robotic Process Automation

RPA basically involves the automation of those mundane and desk jobs that are repetitive in nature and can be automated. The world of RPA is still very much new and not many have the required knowledge or expertise in this department. Being still in the development stage, it has a lot to offer and go forward in future.

  • Big Data

This refers to the issues that are related with the processing and storing different types of data. In today’s world, big companies make use of data to gain meaningful insight about their product research, customers, market initiatives and much more. When it comes to solving the Big Data problems, Spark and Hadoop are two of every famous framework.

  • Mobile Application Development

It is fairly certain that mobile application development is going to be a major part of this year as well. For a past few years, with the increasing use of smartphones, it has led to rising in the popularity of mobile.

This sector requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise in C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, HTML5 and Python etc. Moreover, app developers that also have UI and UX design skills can offer more value to a project.  From banking, digital money, food ordering, matrimony to online shopping, now we have mobile apps for just about everything.

  • Web Development

With the pace e-commerce is spreading around the world, businesses are moving towards the web. No matter if it’s a small business or a big multinational company; everyone needs to have an online presence in order to interact with their audience. But having a website is not enough, regular maintenance is equally important.

  • IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is making huge headlines into the world of technology for quite some time. The idea is to interconnect all the physical devices in order to make life much easier. This is where the idea of smart cities also originated from. IoT is going to be a major part of 2018.

  • Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around even way before the internet was born. Now, you can see AI in every aspect of our daily life, from your home, cars to banking establishment and Smartphones. Siri is the most common example of AI.

These are a few of the most essential and top technologies that are going to rule 2018. So, it’s necessary that we prepare beforehand to work alongside and with them.

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