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Latest Trends in Mobile Application Development

Last year was when there has been a significant surge in the use of mobile as a primary option to access the internet. The mobile application has gained immense popularity and became an integral part of our lives.

This year will see upgrades to what users have been using and even come up with some new trends. Before moving onto the software, if we take a look at the hardware, there have been quite a shift. From button-less devices to cost-effective options, mobile devices will be in for an overhaul.

AR and VR

The majority of us know about Pokemon Go and the obsession it created among the masses. The market is going to be even bigger and revenue-intensive in the coming two to three years. Developers are expected to create even more advanced apps in AR and VR. Brands like Instagram and Snapchat have been already using it for quite some time, but in the coming years, it is going to be huge.

Wearable Apps

Wearable brands have certainly become a hot trend as almost all the tech giants offer them. Immensely popular in fitness and smartwatches brands, it has been estimated that its market is to increase over 32 percent by next year. Most of the wearable devices need a connection to the smartphone through mobile apps.

Mobile Wallets

Online payment has seen an immense growth with the rise of online banking and e-commerce.  With Google Wallet and Apple Pay options, this year is going to see even more advanced and secure versions. Blockchain has already entered this space to provide transparency and security.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

A stripped down version of HTML, AMP listings were first integrated into Google search in 2016.  The aim is to accelerate the speed of mobile pages.  This definitely has been a good thing for the developers as they can create heavy websites that load faster but with lower bounce rate while providing a better user experience overall. A good AMP score means higher conversion rate and customer retention.


The blockchain is the latest technology that has been creating its presence in every other industry. It is a shared and distributed ledger which is immutable. As it makes data tampering impossible, legit businesses can leverage this technology to offer transparency and build consumer trust. Blockchain technology has acquired the attention of big brands and is slowly making its way to small businesses as well.

The future of mobile app development is advanced that is running at a fast pace. So, if you are thinking of working on a mobile app, make sure you get a read on what and where is it heading towards.

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