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How to Break Through the Poor Facebook Organic Reach

Traffic is why we all focus on online marketing. This is the factor that drives all our efforts in the digital space. Initially, when there wasn’t much competition in the SEO world, it was easy to drive traffic to the website but now the competitiveness has increased substantially even in niche markets.

However, this is where social media comes in that helps in reaching a relevant and much wider audience. Facebook is a social media channel that is extremely popular to promote businesses as evident from the fact that the platform has about 65 million active small business pages.

When it comes to Facebook’s organic reach, it means the number of people who see your content but without paid distribution. However, this reach is declining because the platform has more content published on it than the space for it to be shown. Furthermore, it provides the most relevant content to each user. So, how exactly you break through it?

1. Build your Presence

It is essential to grow your presence though organic reach which decreases as audience size increases. This allows you to add social context to your ads and more presence means better credibility factor. In order to increase engagement, attract the right kind of people, don’t add just anybody as you have to add value.

2. Evergreen Content

Be strategic of your social media content. One of the best ways to do that is to use the evergreen content. Through timeless content, your audience can keep on engaging with you as the content will be useful for them for a long period of time. Increased engagement will further mean more distribution and more audience exposure to your content. You can even repurpose this content to maximize its reach.

3. The Timing

Well, for the timing, you need to consider a couple of things like yours as well as your audience’s location, audience profile, type of content and the available scheduling tools. Reports have suggested that the time between 1-4 PM works best to get the clicks and post views. But don’t follow blindly; find out when is your audience online.

4. Posting Frequency

It’s different for different businesses. Big websites publish tremendous amounts of content every day but it doesn’t need to be this way for you. As an average brand, it’s quite unrealistic for you and moreover the more often you post, engagement tends to decrease with it. Try out different time zones and different type of content like humorous and educational content.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms by businesses that comes with its own share of challenges. With the increase in competition and exponential increase in the published content, it becomes harder to make your presence known. So, try out these tips and let us know which ones work best for you!


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