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How a Few Pages Can Make or Break Your Website

You might not agree with this. How exactly can a few pages make such an impact, right! But it is a fact. A few pages can make a significant impact on your website.

When it comes to content marketing and SEO strategies, it is not subjective in nature. However, it can be quantified and might even generate a high ROI. There are numbers of tools out there that allows you to generate the right key-worded content that will help you get ranked at the top in search engines.

The quantity of the content and the right keyword usage can drive the web pages at the top of the Google search engines.

Actually, more than 93 percent of all the indexed pages of a site drive five or fewer clicks from search engines. Whereas only about 1 to 2 percent of all the indexed pages drive over 67 percent of all organic traffic.

What you need is two things, Keyword research and SEO content writing.

  • When selecting a topic, select from the keywords that are searched on a regular basis. Search volume will tell you about the interest of your target audience. Make sure the keywords you are using are meaningful. For keyword selection, you can use tools that tell you about organic difficulty metrics.


  • The aim is to rank the page you have written for the keywords that you are targeting. Follow one page, one keyword approach. Make sure it is covering a wide area of related topics while going in-depth.

How to go about it?

Start with creating your own list of keyword targets. Now, filter this list with the perfect combination of search volume, searcher intent, SERP crowding, and organic difficulty. Once you have it shortlisted for the top contenders, look up for the total search volume potential.

The point in consideration here is a few pages with the best keyword usages can make all the difference. It can easily get your content on the top of the search engines. So, the next time you create a content, make sure it is best keyword focused and is of top quality!

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