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How to get more business from your website

Every organization needs a website, regardless of their business size. Ask any business owner what is the foremost thing that they want? The answer would be “more customers”. The second thing on the wishlist is more traffic to their site.

What was the purpose of creating your website? Was it because customers asked you about your website address? Or because you have heard that some SMBs have brought a significant amount of business to their website? Do you see the results that you expected at the time of creating your website? No! But why? What happened? What’s wrong? Get all the answer on our blog.


1. Create a Professional look

Take a look at your website as a reader. Does it look professional? Are the font sizes and colors used in a consistent way? If you find the below-discussed flaws on your website then you need to change it right away.

  • Photos are stretched and squeezed out of proportion
  • Various elements are bouncing, blinking, turning or scrolling in circles
  • Multiple styles are used for headlines and body copy
  • Background textures and graphics make it difficult to read
  • Text blocks are misaligned

First impression matters everywhere. So, make sure your website looks professional to the market you serve.


2. Never use company’s name as the web page title

Web pages have a Windows-style title bar. The title is determined by what is written in the title “tag” in the HTML code. Every owner is tempted to put the name of the company in the page title. However, if your business name includes a descriptive term (key phrase or keyword) that someone will use while searching for your service, then you can think of including it. All the popular search engines emphasis on the words in the title bar.


3. Invite Customers to join an email list

If somebody visits your site once that doesn’t mean that they will remember it or will easily find it again. To get prospects to remember you, ask them to provide their email address. This way you can stay connected with them. You can offer website visitors with something that they can find useful such as special report, newsletter, notices or coupons on special offer.


4. Decrease Page load time by Minimizing Graphic Size

Photos and graphic images help pages look appealing and illustrate what you sell. Never let the graphic size slow down your website speed. In most of the cases, images should be of thumbnail size. In case you want to include a larger image then you can add a link saying “Click here to see a larger image.”


5. Always Include Important Supporting Information

Providing supporting information will turn web surfers into customers. This way you can make them feel comfortable while making a purchase for you. For instance, if you sell software, you need information about the platform the software uses, system requirements, compatibility with other products and links to press reviews.


In case you sell graphic design services, your supporting information should include a portfolio of work that you have done. If you have offered consulting services then consider including case studies.

Keeping the above points into consideration would help your business grow. If you have got your own tips for reaping the benefits from a website, then we would love to hear them.

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