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How to Connect with your Customers from Your Online Portal

Over the past few years, there has been a major shift in customer support. Now, increasing number of companies are offering customer support service through online portals. Even studies have suggested that today’s customers prefer an online self-service approach. However, people are only interested in online customer portals if they are accurate, reliable and well managed.

It certainly doesn’t mean that you have to belong to a specific industry to offer online portal customer service. However, you have to provide a great self-service option and follow certain strategies for your customer portal.

Why Online Customer Portals?

To start with, you have to understand the reason behind creating online customer portals.

  • This one-stop knowledge base provides a self-service option that has lower support costs
  • An amazing way that provides a place to centralize tools and information
  • You get scalable customer relationship management

So, how exactly you achieve it?

Here are a few customer service tools that will help you empower your customers and create a successful environment:

  • Discussion Forums –

    A great opportunity for crowdsourcing, discussion forums allow you to collect and respond to the customer feedback. Popular forums grow in popularity very quickly that also becomes a place where experts come and create a community to help people resolve issues about products.

  • Online Communities –

    These communities allow customers to engage with other customers and share their passion for a particular brand and product. By maintaining the online communities, you get to monitor the customer feedback and improve your brand experience. These communities can be accessed through social media that enables you to build your very own community as well.

  • Customer Portal –

    This dedicated internal system is within your website that allows your customer to access his/her own personal data. They can track their orders, purchase history and save their favourite items. This way you enable your customers to personalise their shopping experience.

  • Social Media –

    An essential tool for any business. But maintaining a static page is not enough nowadays. Start with creating a social media presence and then use it to engage your customers. Connect with your audience and respond to them on daily basis.

  • Self Service Sites –

    A great option is to let your customers have full control of customer support experience by providing them self-service sites. Customers can check their case status, find answers and solve their own problems.


So, this is how you connect with your customers through an online portal. In today’s digital world, it is imperative that you interact with your customers in the quickest and personal manner.

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