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The quintessential question, to begin with, is the role of social media in your current marketing program?

  • Lead generation
  • Customer service
  • Data Gathering
  • Sales
  • Ad Targeting
  • All of the above

If your answer is all of the above then you are probably on the right track. But you also need a well thought out social media marketing strategy to reach an ultimate goal. Are you planning to add something new to your marketing strategy? Undoubtedly, introducing something new to your online marketing is refreshing for both you and your audience.

We have compiled 5 beneficial tips to improve your social media strategy. Let’s get started!


1. Content is still the King

Blogging is an effective way to enhance social media efforts. If you are a beginner, you can share your blog posts in status updates. This is an excellent way to bring people back to your website.

You can boost your brand exposure by sharing your content to the targeted and relevant audience. Blogging is a great way to mentor people and increases your business’s reach. Always remember to include social sharing buttons towards the end of your blog to encourage readers effortlessly share it.


2. High time to incorporate Audio into your content

Communication and marketing are becoming visual based. Adding audio to your marketing strategy will help you connect with a wider audience and stand out among competitors. Must you be wondering about the procedure to include audio in the social marketing strategy? Well, Twitter allows you to Audio Tweet. You can even record client testimonial, an audio message from the CEO, greeting visitors and record blog post for the audience who choose Podcasts.


3. Keep up with Millennials

Business who can’t keep up with millennial could miss out a lot of markets. Millennials have grown up with innovative technology and are constantly connected with different social platforms. They don’t mindlessly absorb ads but gets involved in the discussion and expect a response.


4. Explore Different Platforms

With the decline in organic reach, businesses are turning to social media sites and paid ads. Facebook ads are playing the biggest part in this but it is not the only platform. You can consider advertising on other platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat. All you need to keep in mind is your “target audience” while choosing the platform. For instance;

  • If you are B2B then your target audience is on LinkedIn
  • In fashion? Check out Instagram
  • Are you selling the product? Go to facebook
  • Targeting women? Start using Pinterest
  • Want to target millennials? Snapchat is the answer


5. Embrace Feedbacks

Getting real feedback on your services and product is extremely important. Let your users help you out in getting better. Also You can even offer your customers with feedback and incentives. One thing you need to ensure is the reward fits your business model and is appealing to your target customers.


Try implementing the above discussed to have an impactful social media strategy. These tips will help your business get a competitive edge.

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