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7 Irresistible Benefits of Payment Gateway Integration | The Build Portals

Are you planning on opening an online store to give your business the advantage of booming e-commerce? This decision may involve the prior research on suppliers for your products, logistics, website platform and most importantly payment gateways.

Payment Gateway basically enables the merchants to accept payments from their customers via the use of debit or credit cards. Hence, having the right payment gateway integrated into your website is a vital step to ensure a steady flow of orders and transactions on your store.

So, what exactly are the benefits of payment gateway integration solution?


1. Seamless User Experience

The most crucial step to improve the conversion rates of your online business is a seamless checkout experience for your users. At The Build Portals, we help in creating single page checkout to offer a seamless shopping experience to your consumers across multiple devices.


2. Customized Features

Payment gateway integration allows you to enjoy the benefit of customized features. On the basis of your payment gateway, you can integrate the flow by having either a single page or multiple pages checkout flow.


3. 24/7 Payment Facility

Given the nature of e-commerce industry where customers want to shop any time of the day. This integration offers the irresistible benefit of round the clock payment facility to your customers.


4. Multi-Currency Payment Processing

Multi-Currency support makes it possible to convert a payment made in any currency into the default currency of your online store. This automatic conversion not only saves your time but also makes the accounting easier.


5. Increased Flexibility of Payment Options

By offering your clients number of payment options, you higher your chances of converting a potential impulse into sales. The Build Portals allows you to integrate various payment options on your website. Hence, you can boost your sales potential by offering payment gateways, cheques, cash payment, mobile wallets and COD etc to your customers.


6. Smooth COD Flow

A simplified COD flow is an added advantage. By setting up COD collection and remittance, you can easily accept the COD orders and collect money via this mode of transaction. Another amazing benefit is it can offer you the incentivizing of cashless transactions.


7. Convenience of Refunds

The payment gateway integration further provides the added convenience of refunds and withdrawals. It comes handy in the cases of disputed orders or double orders where there is a high probability of chargeback.

With so many irresistible benefits of payment gateway integration, The Build Portals provides one stop solution to every kind of online business.

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