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6 Hot Tips to Grow your E-commerce Business in 2018

Grow your E-commerce Business in 2018

Are you an online retailer? Then, you must know how difficult it is to make a sale, right! You not only have to figure out how to get customers on your site but also convince them to buy. No doubt, it’s a frustrating and challenging process but it shouldn’t be. 2018 is going to bring a lot of opportunities to boost your e-commerce business.

1. Be Active on Social Media

Social media can help bolster your sales and brand awareness but it requires a lot of time so much so that you need to be active on several platforms about 24/7 to reap its benefits. You might not have this much time on your hands but a strong social media presence has proven to be beneficial.

2. Look for New Products

Find unique products for your e-commerce store. With competition rising to a crazy level, you need to create a striking presence in the market. Don’t take the easy way out by looking for only those products that are selling with the same ads and same pricing structure.

3. Utilize your Email Marketing list

First, if you don’t have an email marking list, create one. Don’t simply send the same casual email to your customers. Have a targeted and segmented marketing approach to boost your conversion rates. Make use of smart techniques such as abandoned cart emails where you contact those people that have left your site with items in shipping carts without checking them out.

4. Offer Free Shipping

A small but effective way to build a relationship with your target audience is to offer free shipping. Some e-commerce stores offer free shipping on special items or over a certain purchase amount only. This is an amazing technique that entices shoppers and reduces the number of abandoned shopping carts in your store.

5. Leverage the Referral Program

It is a great way to recommend your site to people who would have never got to know about you otherwise.  There are good chances that if someone is buying from your e-commerce store, he/she knows someone else that you have the solution for.  Start a referral program and get creative by offering free shipping, dollar-off coupon etc. as an incentive.

6. Share your customers’ Photos

With e-commerce, customers can’t touch or feel your products and they have to simply rely on the photos or reviews of your products to make a choice. So, share your customers’ photos with their experience to show real people using your products.

In 2018 more and more people are going to talk about e-commerce and buy online.  The key here is to make a plan and start implementing these tips one by one to reap their benefits.

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