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5 Steps to Minimize the Technology Risks for Your E-commerce Store

Ever kind of business has risks. And part of what makes a business successful is how you mitigate these risks. With going online comes the number of other technology risks that make an e-commerce business all the more vulnerable such as software break down or hacking etc.

1. Identify the risks

The first step is to identify the risk that your business in particular is facing. Start with making a list of things going wrong with your e-commerce store. You can also brainstorm about what technological fails you may encounter which will help you in having a plan already in your hand.

2. A secure Checkout Connection

HTTP protocol is what internet works on to transfer information. However, HTTP is not secure by nature as it doesn’t implement any type of encryption on the data that is being transferred. This puts your users at the mercy of hackers that are looking for information like credit card numbers, passwords etc. The solution is to work with your development team to implement your e-commerce website on a more secure protocol such as HTTPS.

3. Have Track numbers for all the orders

When shipping the physical goods, use tracking numbers for all the orders. Having a tracking number or code on all packages is very important as it can help you combat identity theft and fraud. Moreover, you can prevent the chargeback fraud where a user says they didn’t receive an order and demand for a refund, when in actual they have received the item.

4. System Alerts

Setting up security alerts for suspicious activities helps in security and analyzing user behaviour. Track anyone who sign up or log in to your platform and examine the origin of their IP addresses and frequency of their trials. All of this information will help you in detecting attackers and keeping your e-commerce store secure.

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