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5 Simple Tips to Boost your Website Speed

One of the most demanding thing in today’s world is speed. People are becoming completely intolerant and restless toward slower things. Nobody wants to waste their time on a website that takes too long to load and would skip to another faster loading website.

Google uses website speed as a quintessential parameter to determine the ranking. It gives higher ranking to those websites that can load at a faster speed and pushes other on the lower result page.

Below are the 5 tips to boost your website tips:

1. Fast Hosting Company

Your hosting company plays an important role in determining the page speed. With a fast hosting company, you can transform the page speed from average speed to faster one. While choosing a hosting company, you need to be ensured that a fast transfer of information and data from a server to your user is taking place.

Go for a web hosting company that offers instant activation and high network uptime along with choosing a host for faster page speed.

2. Database Optimization

Page speed gets impacted by the database. You need to optimize the database in order to improve website speed. One of the effective ways is to add indexes. This makes information finding procedure faster without going through millions of records.With indexing, data can be narrowed down into smaller chunks that enable quick scanning and cuts the loading time of the page.

3. Enable Compression and Caching

Enabling content caching decreases page load time. Also You can change permanent scripts, images, stylesheet, texts, and logos into a cache. Another way is by creating compression. It also allow the server to GZIP compresses the resources prior transferring process.

4. Reduce Unnecessary Plugin Usage

Undoubtedly there are various plugins that can easily tempt website owner to add them to their website for a better experience. These plugins have an immediate impact on the website speed. Every plugin is running from some resources and with an increase in resources, the loading speed will get impacted. Try to keep only the essential plugin and remove the unnecessary ones. Keep measuring the website performance to identify the plugins that are affecting website speed. Ether deactivate or delete these plugin to boost your website speed.

5. Content Delivery Network

Eradicate the need to access central location of server whenever users make a search. Also, CDNs decreases the time consumed by the user to reach the web hosting server location. Moreover, PageSpeed Insights is Google’s free CDN that can boost your page speed.

Always remember, internet users are becoming less tolerant of a website that has slow speed. Also By including the above-mentioned tips, you can easily improve website performance and boost the speed. Try these tips now to attract the high traffic within few months.

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