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5 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to Magento 2

Today, Magento holds over 6% market share for e-commerce businesses and Magento 2 is a great opportunity for them. Migration to another platform is on a rise right now and that brings us to the question, should all e-commerce businesses upgrade to the latest version of Magento. But is it really necessary to upgrade to the stable Magento 1 users?

Magento 2 has various benefits over Magento 1 as it comes with features that were lacking in latter one. So, when exactly this upgrade should take place? If you are having performance issues with your current platform or planning a new e-commerce business or implementing bigger modifications or if your current system is running all smoothly but on an outdated version, it’s time that you take the rout of the better and updated version.

Let’s take a look the features Magento 2 can offer your eCommerce business:

1.  Faster and Enhanced Performance

To be exact, Magento 2 is faster than its previous version by 20%. Your standard loading time is 2-3 seconds and version 2.0 is way faster by loading the product pages, homepage and category pages in less than 1.5 seconds. And users always prefer a website that loads quickly. Its capability to handle the number of category pages without affecting the speed enhances its scalability and makes it a perfect option for the large store.

2.  It’s Responsive

For any online store’s success, responsive design is a necessity. You need a platform that not only works well on desktops but also on mobile devices. Having responsiveness as its core feature, Magento 2 provides you with mobile-friendly checkouts and integrated videos.

3.  Easier and Cheaper Extensions

Magento 2 makes installing new modules and extensions far simpler and cheaper than its previous version as Magento 1 used to take a lot of time even for professional developers. The inclusions of Braintree and PayPal along with CyberSource and Worldpay provide you with secured payment platforms.

4.  Elasticsearch

Through Elasticsearch, Magento 2 has improved the search quality and user experience significantly. In addition, it can handle 33 languages that makes it a must upgrade version. There is also a third party Elasticsearch available that offers the same functionality.

5.      Admin Interface

Unlike Magento 1 whose admin interface was complex, Magento 2 provides you with a far better user interface. A neatly designed interface that is easy to navigate through with the ability to be customized. In Magento 2, product import is faster as well while making the storefront editing petty easy for you to accomplish.

Migration to Magento is beneficial no doubt but it is not an easy task. Finding an upgrade for many of your current extensions is extremely difficult that requires detailed technical knowledge. So, take the help of a professional and make a successful migration to Magento 2.


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