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5 Google AdWords Hacks to Drive More Local Foot Traffic

E-commerce is certainly booming but that doesn’t mean in any way that retail is no more in the picture. According to the National Retail Federation, there has been a net increase of over 4,000 retail stores last year. So, the retail growth is on the rise as well, so much so that for every store a company closes, about 2.7 companies opened a new one.

The reason consumers are flocking to local stores are the problems they face with online shopping such as unable to physically inspect the objects, shipping costs involved, difficulty in returning objects, pending delivery, providing personal information online and losing the power to negotiate a deal.

Local foot traffic is really thriving and Google AdWords has tools for you that you can incorporate into your marketing efforts to improve your CTR.

1. Extension of Promotion

You don’t have to invest your time, efforts and money into creating a new marketing campaign. You can increase your sales by meeting the needs of your mobile users. Also, set up promotions in your advertising campaigns as well.

2. Place Announcement

In retail stores, the primary place of conversion is your physical outlet. So, ensure that you include the address of your store in the ads. Your online ads should have your address as well.

3. For specific locations use Geotargeting

You risk losing the foot traffic if you don’t optimize the AdWords campaigns for location targeting. Geographical targeting basically identifies the location of your ideal customer on the basis of GPS, WiFi or IP data. The mobile advertising has been expected to see an immense rise in the coming years that will further increase the targeted mobile advertising by location over two-fold.

4. Text-Click Message

More than 60 percent of consumers prefer using mail to schedule their appointments. So, by providing instant communication to your potential customers you significantly boost your local traffic. Furthermore, chatbots are expected to experience a great rise as well which will be improved with innovation in machine learning and AI.

5. Local Classifieds

Google Shopping is still a popular advertising channel by retailers as evident from the growth of 20 percent in Google Shopping and text ads between 2016 and 2017. The Consumer doesn’t prefer one over the other; rather they want the best of both e-commerce and physical retail store.

Google utilizes Google Shopping ads and in-store to help customers who are interested in searching online but making the purchase offline.

So, these were the Google AdWords hacks to drive more foot traffic in your brick and mortar business. Give them a try and see which ones work out the best for you!

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