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3 Top Reason Paid Ads Fail

You surely don’t want to put your money into a paid ad campaign that is doomed from the start. Right! It happens more often than you can imagine. Companies getting into online ads don’t see success for a lot of reasons like not being known to their audience.

Paid ad campaigns are an amazing opportunity to get the right exposure and selling your product or service. The more users get to your website, the more conversions you get. However, it is not that simple rather is a bit more complex that can go wrong pretty fast.

So, how exactly you ensure that your paid ad campaigns are worth your dollars. By first identifying the reasons for their failure and then making sure they are eliminated.

1. The Audience

Audience is which it all comes down to. So, first know who your target audience is and what they want along with a number of other related factors like demographics, age, social media platforms used etc. Know where to aim, so that you have better chance to hit a target.

One amazing way to save on your time and money is to advertise to those that already have experience with your company. It’s always far easier to target those that have some form of trust build up with you.

For instance, you can target those people on Twitter that follow you. It would be a smaller reach no doubt, but it will be a better payoff than a bigger audience with no specific target.

Instead of diving head first into a paid ad campaign, raise awareness of your brand and build a small community. Once it has been done, you can start your paid campaign. Just ensure that you have a niche where your ads are the most effective.

2. Be Creative Instead of Being Simplistic

Well, to start with your ad campaign, you buy Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads and use Google AdWords to drive the traffic for conversions. But it can’t be that simple. Your company doesn’t have any experience with these platforms that would only lead to the high cost per click.

If you are new, then you are pretty unknown and you need high user engagement which takes years to achieve. As a matter of fact, the difficult it is to reach a wider audience, the harder it is to make those ads profitable.

To catch your audience’s attention, make them aware of you and build trust. As a solution, start with organic channels and use SEO. Work on the content to increase traffic and to get your brand name out in the market.

3. A Unity of Landing Page, Keywords and Ad

Companies usually don’t pay attention to the cohesiveness between their landing pages, keywords and ads which end up being fatal. To understand this, start with what exactly is the intent of people when typing the words into Google. Then, the alignment of your pages with the intent which means it should provide answers to customer’s needs. At last, is your ad aligned with the page’s intent? To put it succinctly, your landing page and ad both should match the keyword’s intent.

To increase the site traffic, start with raising your brand awareness and then building trust in your customers instead of jumping onto paid ad campaigns first thing. Understand your audience, create a relationship with them and make sure cohesion is there between keywords, ads and landing pages.

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